We will receive your brief details, either by fax, phone website or email, we will then contact you with any additional questions regarding your signage needs.


We will then be able to calculate a quotation for the artwork design and a very close estimate for your sign. We can also discuss and quote the delivery and installation section of your work if you require it.


After your written approval to commence work on your job, we may have to order materials and product (on special orders), this may take a few days to arrive to our factory. We then produce your job which can take from 5-7 working days (depending on workload).


With your job now complete, you will be contacted and a date and time booked for the installation of your sign. Please note council approval may have to be granted in most new sign install cases. With this in mind, process may take up to 4 weeks.


We can install at any heights using a Scissor Lift, Knucke Boom and all lift apparatus. Once your sign is complete and installed at your site or shop/factory and you are completely happy with the work, full payment for the job will be required.


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